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Industry Trends

  • [Industry Trends] Security Seals in different languages

    High security seals, container seals, bolt seals, plastic seals, oil seals, Contador, selos, selos de metal strap seals, barreira, segurança zíper SACOS, selos, selos mecânicos

  • [Industry Trends] what's plastic seal meter seal padlock seal

    Plastic seals Variable length seals, commonly called "pull tight seals" can fit many applications from securing the neck of a bag or mail sack to sealing chemical drums, first aid kits and fire extinguishers. They have an adjustable length much like a cable tie but offer a much higher security level and an audit trail due to sequential numbering and the ability on some seals to be bar-coded and have a company name and logo printed or laser etched on.

  • [Industry Trends] Why metal pin and lock of bolt seal need 18mm and more ?

    Until the 18 mm minimum diameter becomes effective, seals shall be designed and constructed so as not to permit removal without breaking. Once the 18 mm minimum diameter has become effective, all bolt seals shall meet this requirement in order to be ISO 17712 compliant.




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